Step up to the plate and try James Arthur Vineyards CurveBall Hard Cider. Made from only the finest apples, we think we’ve hit this one out-of-the-park with our line-up of great flavors.

We believe a great cider should be like a warm sunny day at the ballpark. And with JAV’s Curveball Cider, we think we’ve come up with a hard cider that pays homage to the timeless game of hard ball. Enjoy!

Curveball Ciders

Grand Slam

This is the one that began it all and continues to be the base for everything we create. A subtle apple hard cider that isn’t overly sweet.

Double Play

We’ve added just a touch of JAV’s Concord wine to the Grand Slam, not only to give it a gorgeous rose` color, but a dynamic flavor.


Blackberry, Blackberry, Blackberry. This one is full of Blackberry flavor. Need we say more?

Squeeze Play

We’ve topped the Grand Slam off with Mango flavoring to forge a delightful and refreshing combination that is sure to please.

Line Drive

Picture this: it’s summer and you’re enjoying a refreshing hard cider by the water. The cider is Line Drive, a banana coconut cider. It’s a perfect day to hit the waves with this drink in hand.

Sweet Spot

Who doesn’t love an ice cold cherry-vanilla beverage? And even better…we’ve added the sparkle to it to give it a little sizzle.

Off Season

A holiday-spiced cider, like Christmas in a cup!

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